How to Find a Great Art Rep So You Can Use Your Time Creatively

As an art professional, it’s common to earn most of your money from commercial gigs. Sadly, the creativity involved in your fine artwork is probably what truly motivates you. What you need, if you want to follow your passion and earn more from your preferred work, is a great art rep. An artist representative will be there to…

3 Ways to Easily Print Your Fine Art Photos on Glass

Gallery-Worthy Methods for Printing Photographs on Glass Can you print photography on glass? Yes! Can you do it easily? Well, yes and no. There are various methods for printing on glass, and some are more involved than others. The quality of your results will will teeter with the materials you work with. When working with fine art photography,…

How to Get the Best Advantage Printing Fine Art Online

3 Ways for Artists & Photographers to Get the Most From Digital Print Services on the Internet If you’ve ever been that person who walked into Kinko’s with your digital art, thinking that you would be better off printing in-person than you would online, you probably walked out with a finished piece that wasn’t finished at all. The…

How to Market Your #Art & #Photography on Social Media

Nobody has to be a starving artist. That’s a choice. Online — specifically on social media — you have an unfounded opportunity for visibility and promotion of artwork that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Whether you’re a seasoned gallery artist, an amateur portrait photographer, or anything in between, this guide will help you setup your social media accounts for selling success. Let’s take a look at how to market your artwork and photography on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

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