How to Find a Great Art Rep So You Can Use Your Time Creatively

As an art professional, it’s common to earn most of your money from commercial gigs. Sadly, the creativity involved in your fine artwork is probably what truly motivates you. What you need, if you want to follow your passion and earn more from your preferred work, is a great art rep. An artist representative will be there to…

More People Should Shoot Cameras, NOT Guns (With Infographic)

Can Humanity Overcome This Hopeless Violence With Art? Although I think that the media world is best avoided, and I try to keep my head clear of it, I find myself falling into the CNN trap at least once a day. What can I say? It happens. You want to carry-on and be normal, to keep working on…

6 Free Online Artwork Tools That Will Change Your Life

As a professional artist, designer, or fine art photographer, it can be difficult to find online tools — especially free ones — that can actually assist you with your work. Well, Adobe isn’t the only company that offers useful digital creation tools (they do usually end up purchasing the really great ones); here are some valuable web apps for creating artwork that you may not know about yet. Use them to revolutionize your digital design work.

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