6 Free Online Artwork Tools That Will Change Your Life

Transform Your Visions with These Jaw-Dropping Tools to Create Art Online

As a professional artist, designer, or fine art photographer, it can be difficult to find online tools — especially free ones — that can actually assist you with your work. Well, Adobe isn’t the only company that offers useful digital creation tools (they do usually end up purchasing the really great ones); here are some valuable web apps for creating artwork that you may not know about yet. Use them to revolutionize your digital design work.

1. Explore Escape Motions’ Experimental Tools

Escape Motions hosts an amazing set of experimental tools for artists. Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight, and Fluid Painter are at the top of this list. Almost 30 tools are available for use in the following categories as options to create artwork online (all of them are free to try):

  • Experimental Tools for Artists & Creativity
  • Realtime Motion Effects
  • Fluid & Liquid Sandboxes
  • Physics Simulations
  • Particles & Attractors
  • Games & More Experiments

The Flame Painter, a unique paint program, is just one of the tools offered by escape motions. It allows you to create color flame paintings (it looks more like smoke to me) with various brush settings. With the free version, you can save your work as a JPEG file, and share on social media. You will have to download the full versions in order to take advantage of their range of options for design and downloading.

Free Online Flame Painting Tool from Escape Motions via @illumaglass

2. Let the Advanced Features of Google’s Nik Collection Ease Your Work

With the Google Nik Collection, you gain access to a full range of photo editing tools. Add color, sharpening, analog, monochrome, HDR effects, and more to your photos. If you take the time to explore each of these tools, you can find out what’s truly possible with your photos in the realm of professional photography with advanced features in a simple user interface.

Google Nik Collection is just one of 6 Online Artwork & Photo Editing Tools that Will Change the Way You Create via @illumaglass

3. Use Psykopaint to Digitally Paint Your Photos

What’s really cool about the digital painting software offered by Psykopaint is that it uses simulated “brush strokes” from famous artists. So, you can upload your art and photography into the Painter and — with a wide variety of options — transform your work into something new and exciting. Add colors, effects, and layers in your art without downloading any software to your desktop.

Photography Paint Effects with Online Art Tools via @illumaglass
Photograph by Sean Stine, digital effects by Ashley Kimler using “Renoir” brush on Psykopaint

The program is fairly manual — but still very easy to use — so you get to maintain your own creative freedom with the digital brushes. In order to download your photos for use, you have to create an account and login. Fortunately, you can save pretty large files for various applications. (The header photo for this post was created using this software’s “Monet” brush.)


4. Try Out Pixlr’s Web App for Photo Editing

Pixlr’s web app allows you to upload your photos online and edit them for free using various adjustments, overlays, borders, stickers, effects, and text options. This can come in handy for any kind of graphic design projects, and it’s easier to use than anything else on the market. Fortunately for artists, the max file size for images is 8000 X 8000 pixels, so there’s the option to work with professional images.

Photo of Scorpion Edited Using Pixlr - Create Art Online via @illumaglass
Photograph by Sean Stine, edited by Ashley Kimler using Pixlr

5. Create Artwork Online with Silk’s Trippy Software

Offered as a web app as well as on iOS, you can use Silk to generate interactive art. Download your images as a portable network graphic by clicking the camera, then right clicking your thumbnail image, and choosing “Save As” from the dropdown menu. The default size of these photos is 1261 X 664 pixels, so you can’t do everything you can with larger sizes, but these are still fun to create and use for smaller projects.

Create Trippy Artwork Online With These Digital Tools via @illumaglass


6. Design Cool Photos with BeFunky

BeFunky is a very simple way to edit, soften, blur, focus, and add a top of artistic and filter effects to your photos. You can also add graphics, overlays, and text to your images for promotional content and marketable art. Try it!

Use BeFunky to Edit Images | 6 Online Artworl Tools That Will Change Your Life via @illumaglass


You don’t have to do all of your digital artwork with Adobe tools (you certainly will find Adobe indispensable if you can master the options you need); sometimes a web app will do. It is possible to create artwork online for free. Try combining these 6 tools for the most creative results.

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