This is the Evolution of Printing in Glass – Interactive Timeline

The All-Inclusive History of Printing in Glass, & How it Became Available to Artists and Photographers

Join us for an awe-inspiring journey through the history of printing technologies, from 4000 BC through today. See notable events leading up to contemporary science of mechanical and industrial arts. From ancient to modern times, here is the captivating story of how humans have documented our past, recreated and archived our photography, literature, art, and designs.

What Historical Categories Does This Timeline Highlight?

The evolution of digital printing with colored ceramic frits in glass happened over a span of thousands of years in 5 main categories. Take a look at how the following progressed from ancient Egypt through Asia, Syria, Europe, and America before they merged into one unified body of artistic perfection.

  • Colored Frit & Inks – Ceramic frit is used to create the stunning images in glass that you see today. Find out about the earliest derived colored frits used in tomb paintings, which colors are available today, and how they were developed.
  • Glass – Read about the first glass beads, discovered by accident, and what transpired throughout the world to help us arrive at the modern crystal-clear, smooth glass canvas used in windows and wall art.
  • Printing – Of course, there was Gutenberg’s early printing press, but do you know which ideas led up to this invention? Read about the history of printing from ancient Asia through the methods used in the modern industrialized world.
  • Techniques – Before machines, there were blocks, stones, and brushes. Read what they were used for, then explore what really happened with the blowpipe and the earliest fountain pen.
  • Technology – From the first transistor to Adobe Systems and beyond, here’s how technology came to facilitate a system to digitally print designs and photos in glass.

Explore This Interactive Timeline (The Facts Might Surprise You)

Scroll through the timeline above to see everything from the origins of woodblock carving and printing thousands of years ago to 2016, when digital ceramic in glass printing and technology merged into one awesome thing for creative professionals everywhere and the background of everything in between. Use the search tool in the bottom right corner to find specific events in history.


Printing technologies spiked during the industrial revolution, but started to skyrocket in the 20th and 21st centuries. Now that everything in art is changing so rapidly, along with the rest of the world, sustainability is more important than ever. The way we do business, print, and document our work will define how history remembers us.  Illuma Glass had pulled it all together in an easy-to-use Design tool that takes the guesswork out of the process, developed for you by a professional glass expert — who just happens to be an aspiring digital glass print artist too!

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Inspirational Guide to the Wonderful World of Digital Printing In Glass

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