This is How to Clear the Top 3 Digital Printing Service Hurdles Faced By Fine Artists

Every artist looks forward to the day when they can sell their prints and actually make a profit from all of their hard work. One of the first steps that you will usually take is to enlist the help of a digital printing service. This should be a simple process. Unfortunately, more often than not, you’ll have difficulty finding a service that delivers everything they say they will. Regardless of your talent, finding a reputable printing service that can be trusted will make all the difference in actually earning lucrative profits from your art. 

Here are the top 3 problems that you are likely to run into with digital printing services:

3. Artwork Rejection

Digital printing services will sometimes request for changes to be made to your artwork before proceeding, because they disapprove of the original. This could be because they believe the art is too grainy, too blurry, or that they see other potential issues. Because they have an order to print your art, they will request that you send another file that is more clear, more or less pixelated, blurry, noisy, etc. Sadly, your image may seem like that to the printer, but, in fact, it is exactly how you wanted it. 

So, when you’re choosing to print a piece of work, check for the following qualities before you submit your files to the printer:

  • Blurred Effects
  • Double Exposure
  • Low Definition Pixelation

Pixelated Print

If your photo or design has any of the above traits, then you will need to send a note to the printer, along with your artwork, to let them know that you’ve reviewed the file, and you would like the image printed exactly as it is. If you are not even able to upload your work because it is either blurry, contains multiple-exposure, or low definition pixelation, you can either contact someone to submit your file manually or choose another printing service all together.

2. Poor Customer Service

There are hundreds of digital printing services online; however, your job is to find a printing service that will work with you, and that can be a bit of a chore. While canvas and ink are important, every artist needs to know that the service he or she has chosen will deliver exactly as expected. A reputable digital printing service will work with you to make sure it delivers your print like you want it. Before you ever order, find out if the printer you want to go with is going to be dependable and deliver the results you want.

Customer Service

To research any printer, you should take the time to check reviews before submitting work to them. In addition, it’s worth the extra effort to contact the printing service provider directly to get more information; seek out a real person, ask questions and by all means don’t settle into a long wait with  a “ticket number”, if you haven’t heard back within 12 hours of making an inquiry …move on.  Also, it’s best to start off slowly. Submitting only one or two pieces at first, to experience their process, is something you should always do before you send in an entire series for printing. If not, you’re to blame for setting yourself up for failure.

1. An Unimpressive Piece of Final Artwork

The number one problem that you can have when working with digital printing services is that the final product does not look like the original. Printing companies have their own set of standards, which include the quality of the files and the type of paper and ink used to create prints. If you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, you leave too much room for disappointment.

As a fine artist, you need to make sure that you ask questions to clarify what it is you’re expecting. Getting the company to follow through with meting the request is another story.

Blog Header Artwork-2 rev

When printing on paper, look for a Giclée printing service, as they are used to dealing with the work of fine artists, and producing archival quality work. Giclée printers will be using the finest inks and papers that you need — the ones that last decades or even centuries. They will also focus on the uniformity of ink in the prints, so you won’t be stuck with a print that shows up with a different shade than the file you sent in, areas with missed ink, or unwanted bleeding and blended color effects. Without going the Giclée route, you risk completely losing the details of your work to the printing process.

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Fine art printing with a digital printing service is like any other relationship in your life – the bottom line is that you need a hell of a lot of communication to get the results you want. It’s probably the only way to make it work. When you want unusual artwork accepted by print processing software, communicate with the printers about your expectations. When you want excellent customer service, communicate with other artists and read their reviews on the services you’re interested in. And, when you want to be satisfied with the final product, ask questions to find out what you’re really going to get and how best to prepare your art file for printing.

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