This is How to See Any Digital Photo or Design Printed in Glass

Introducing The First Ever Online Design Tool for Digital Ceramic in Glass Printing

For the first time, printing in glass is easily accessible for artistic creative professionals to use with photographs, graphic designs, and more. On April 14, 2016, the design features went live for artists, photographers, interior designers, illustrators, graphic artists, and sculptors around the world to experience the beauty of seeing their visions powered by light and glass.

The technology has been around since 2007, but — until now — this printing medium was only accessible for commercial clients such as architects and automotive manufacturers. Illuma Glass has made it possible for you to design glass prints online, manage your account from anywhere, and is soon to unleash new gallery features including an ecommerce platform for individual artists. Check out the easy 8 step process for bringing new light to your next project!

Step 1: Choose a Shape for Your Design

The design & price configurator allows you to choose the shape, size, glass thickness, edgework, and hardware for your glass art print. The first step allows you to choose your shape. Create a square, rectangle, circle, oval, or ellipse. Designs should have a minimum width and height of 12 inches. The maximum width and height depend on the layers and thickness.

Digital Ceramic Printing in Glass Design Shape Tool #illumaglass

Step 2: Decide on Glass Thickness & Layers

Choosing glass thickness and print type, Single Layer or Multi-Layer is the next step. One of the most exciting features is the ability to laminate the glass, which provides the opportunity to print layers. The standard for printing is 2 to 3 layers, but it is possible to go up to 5. Multi-Layer prints cannot exceed 60 inches x 120 inches, which is the maximum for lamination. The maximum size for Single Layer prints is 110 inches x 168 inches.  Standard thicknesses are 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch. You can special order a thicker glass if desired.

Choose Glass Thickness for Digital Printing #illumaglass

Step 3: Choose B&W or Colored Frit for Your Image

Are you showcasing a monochromatic design or creating with pigment? Either way, you get to choose from “spectrum” and “etched” effects depending on your imagery. Digital ceramic inks ( colored frit in ink) are the only ceramic inks developed specifically for digital inkjet, drop-on-demand printing — true glass ink, designed specifically for glass printing. These inks contain special sub-micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, and are fused into the glass during the tempering process — this is why we say “in” glass instead of “on.”

Choose Colored or Black & White Frit for Your Ceramic in Glass Artwork #illumaglass

Step 4: Decide on Your Edgework Style

The edgework options are straight polish, pencil polish, and classic beveled edge. The straight polish is a plain, straight, flat, polished edge that works for all thicknesses. Pencil polish pieces have a rounded edge that works with all thicknesses. With the classic beveled edge, the thicker the glass, the large the bevel – available with single layered pieces.

Choose Edgework Options for Glass Printed Images #illumaglass

Step 5: Choose Your Hardware for Hanging

The next step is choosing your hanging hardware or opting out. The options are varied from the simple Frame Peg to more complex hanging option using Stand Offs.   Choose from chrome, brass, brushed stainless, gun metal, polished stainless, or satin chrome. When you order hardware, someone will contact you to verify your decision. Hardware is recommended because it takes the stress out of coming up with hanging options of your own.

Digital Ceramic in Glass Printing Hardware Options #illumaglass

Step 6: Upload Your Design

The easy uploader allows you to drag and drop designs with convenience, speed, and precision. Files must be uploaded at the size to be printed, with a minimum 300 pixels per inch. Once you see how amazing your work looks in printed glass, you will want to archive everything this way.

Upload Original Artwork Online for Digital Printing in Glass #illumaglass

Step 7: Preview Your Work & Price Quote

Once your design is uploaded, you can preview the way your artwork will look on glass and receive an instantly-generated price quote. Give your artwork a name for easy recognition during order tracking. At this point, you can go back and make any edits you need before continuing to the checkout process, or design another print!

Preview Your Work & Receive an Instant Estimate for Digital Ceramic Printing in Glass Printing #illumaglass

 Step 9: Check Out

The easy checkout process makes working in this system a breeze. The convenience of this finale alone is enough to generate hype. There are no phone calls and waiting — sometimes weeks — to hear back from a representative about your printing price quote and payment processing (however, our experienced staff is available for support whenever you have a question).

Easy Checkout for Online Digital Ceramic in Glass Design and Printing #illumaglass

What if You Want Tiled Printing in Glass?

Are you interested in printing in a tiled piece for a different kind of flair? From the design menu, there is an option for tiled pieces. you can choose either a single image, spread out over multiple prints, or a multiple image grouping of multiple prints to create a unified piece. Here are examples of the final products.

Single Image Tiled Print:

Create Single Image Multi Print Designs in Glass #illumaglass - Ceramic in Glass Printing

Multi Image Tiled Print:

Create Multi Image Tiled Prints in Glass #illumaglass - Ceramic in Glass Printing

Final Thoughts

Print your photographs, artwork, and designs in glass with ease. Experience the wonder of redesigning any space using pieces designed with digital printing in glass.  Experiment with printed layers that harness light and optimize translucency and opacity.

Start an adventure with your art and images that you never dreamed possible.
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